Saturday, March 25, 2006


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Long Island OCEANS is pleased to announce the Kendra & Friends 2nd Annual Art Show
to be held on May 27th, 2006, 11 am –7 pm at the Bellport United Methodist Church, 185 South Country Road, Bellport, New York.

Come discover the artistic bounty of the Kendra & Friends fine art show. This one-of-a-kind Art show, referred to as; “a treasure trove of artistic & inspirational rapture” will be featuring hundreds of works of art, by many fine & talented artists.
This art event offers a rare chance for art lovers, connoisseurs and collectors to own an original piece of art from the exceptional and distinctive talents of newly emerging & acclaimed artists in a wide variety of media. Don’t miss this unique opportunity!

One of the notable highlights of this Art Show will be the art~rageous artwork of our very own local, talented & beautiful featured artist & ovarian cancer survivor Kendra Pelkey.
In addition, we are delighted to announce that Eastern Suffolk BOCES ART & Culinary students will be participating in this years Kendra & Friends art show.

Kendra & Friends art show has something for everyone, exceptional works of art, live music, and fine food created by culinary experts, entertainment, fabulous raffles, silent auction, spring plant sale & much, much more.

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Kendra & Friends is a one-day art show to promote Ovarian Cancer Awareness.
Sponsored by Long Island OCEANS and the Bellport United Methodist Church.


a beacon of hope for those affected by Ovarian Cancer & Gynecologic Cancers

About Us:

LI OCEANS is an acronym for Long Island Ovarian Cancer Education Advocacy Network & Support. Our group is comprised of women living with Ovarian & Gynecological cancers, from the newly diagnosed to the long-term survivor.

In 2004, several women personally affected by Ovarian Cancer met, exchanged ideas, shared stories, identified the need for change, merged ultimate values and priorities and then made a decision that would transform lives.

They didn't know where they would find the time, the energy, nor the money to create an organization for women with Ovarian & Gynecologic Cancers, but they forged ahead nevertheless, with hope as their guiding light. They knew that without their understanding, passion and strength that other women with ovarian cancer would continue to suffer in isolation.

LI OCEANS recognized the urgent need for awareness; advocacy and action-they aspired to be the voice for Ovarian Cancer and save the precious lives of our mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers, friends & neighbors!

Our goal is to create awareness among women the medical community and the greater population regarding early warning signs and symptoms that may be indicative of ovarian cancer, resulting in earlier detection.

Our purpose is to provide support, resources, networking, and education for those women diagnosed with ovarian and gynecologic cancers. We support the advancement of research for early detection and cure of ovarian cancer.

Our mission is to educate, advocates with the ultimate hope to eradicate this deadly disease!

LI OCEANS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit approved by the IRS. Your tax-deductible contributions allow us to continue our battle against ovarian cancer, to raise awareness in the community and to provide education and support to ovarian cancer victims and their families through a network of survivors.

How Can I Help? We are always in need of volunteers!

We need people just like you! Please Help Get the Word Out!

We need you! Tell someone you love about ovarian cancer and the symptoms to watch. When you care, keeping quiet is not an option. Until there’s a test, word of mouth is best.

Together we can save lives.

Volunteer your time and talents to get the word out.

LI OCEANS INC greatly appreciates the support from our friends who host fundraising events on the LI OCEANS behalf.

If you would like to host an event to benefit the LI OCEANS here are a few ideas:

Rubber Duck Race
House party/ tea party or picnic
Walking/Running Event
Night At The Races
Hiking or Biking Event
Health and wellness day at your local workout club
Game night - Trivia night- Poker Party-Name that tune
Karaoke Yard Sale- Plant Sale- Bake Sale
Wine Tasting -wine and cheese evening
Fashion show
Murder Mystery-50’s,60’s,70’s Dance
Host A Teal Awareness Day
Golf tournament -tennis tournament

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.